Christina Milian wardrobe malfunctions


Christine Marie Flores was born on September 26, 1981 in Brooklyn, New York. She is an American singer, actress and model. Read Christine's biography on Wikipedia.

Christina is best known for her singing career. Read more on her official site.


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Christina Milian wardrobe malfunction
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American singer and songwriter Christina Milian suffered a wardrobe malfunction while taking a dip in the water on South Beach, Miami, Florida, mistakenly uncovering her curvy body.

The actress was spotted hitting the water, when a huge wave knocked her sexy bikini, exposing her butt crack and nipple. She quickly adjusted her swimsuit and covered her nipple.

On another occasion, Christina was soaking up some sun on a beach in Miami when her breast slipped out again of her sexy black one-piece bathing suit, revealing a little more than she meant to.

Christina Milian breasts
Christina Milian cleavage
Christina Milian bikini top fall
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Christina Milian quotes
Some stars are a little too bony for me. What happened to the booty?
Christina Milian quotes

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This is degarating to women

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