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Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2nd, 1986 in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. She is of Irish and Italian heritage. Read more of Lindsay's biography on Wikipedia.

In 2004, she was given the lead in two films. Read Lindsay Lohan's full filmography on IMDB.


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Lindsay Lohan boob slip
Lindsay Lohan breast slip
Lindsay Lohan wardrobe malfunction
Lindsay Lohan dress slip

The actress-singer had, at a Hollywood Fashion Show, accidentally revealed a little too much of her breast: one of her breasts slipped off from the dress. Lindsay didn't noticed the wardrobe malfunction until a staff member pointed out her boob. She strapped her right breast back in and then smiled and laughed it off.

On another wardrobe incident, she walked out on stage to receive the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards with her dress up in the back, exposing her buttocks.

While shooting her music video in New York, dancing right in a storefront window, one of her breasts popped out. After this boob slip, Lohan's people scurry off to get the paparazzi to delete any wardrobe malfunction shots.

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Lindsay Lohan boobs
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Lindsay Lohan breasts


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My breast popped out! They may have just gotten a shot!
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Posted by Amy on 2008-04-10

That "malfunction" was intentional. All a publicity stunt.

Posted by Jin Ten on 2008-08-12

It's a nice way to peep on the celebrities private body parts. Wow!

Posted by brenda on 2011-07-11

i think they know that 2 get attention

Posted by macman on 2013-02-26

lohan got the best bresses of the four

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